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No Fear Go Smear

I was asked to write about my experience by @cervicalscreen1 - here's what happened to me:

"Don't panic, but you should go to the hospital right away". At one week overdue with my third child, my midwife appointment had taken an unexpected turn - she couldn't be sure, but she thought my cervix was bleeding. I needed to be examined by the emergency pregnancy team.

As I drove myself to Chelsea & Westminster, I was anxious, but not scared. But when the doctor told me there was so much blood they couldn't tell what was happening and they would need to induce me straight away - I knew they were taking this seriously - and I had to, too.

It was a short and well-monitored labour. 4 hours later I had a healthy baby boy . I recovered quickly, and was discharged hours later. But no-one knew why I had been bleeding - and I was urged to have a cervical exam as soon as 3 months had passed.

Never the nicest prospect, I still felt fairly delicate just 12 weeks after labour, but I needed to know there was nothing sinister behind the bleeding. The exam was straightforward and pain free, and before the swab was sent away I was told everything looked healthy.

Within days the result was back. A real relief to see it was all clear. The bleeding remains unexplained, and I'm advised to maintain more regular tests. Thankfully these life saving exams are free, easy and straightforward. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

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